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Why Answer Shark's QlikView eTraining? Can't I learn this on my own? There are a lot of online resources available.

Of course you can. But, how long will it take to figure it all out? I read this analogy many years ago, I can't remember exactly where, but the story stuck with me. The story goes like this. If a lumberjack goes out into the forest with his axe, he has a choice. He could take 15 minutes and sharpen the axe before he starts, or he can just get busy chopping trees. If he just takes 15 minutes to sharpen his axe before he starts, imagine how much quicker he'll be home for dinner if he chops down the same number of trees. Compound that every day.


If you're asking yourself 'should I get QlikView training'? The answer is yes. You should sharpen your skills before you spend a huge amount of time trying to figure QlikView out. In the end it will be faster and you'll make a better QlikView experience with less effort and much less stress

Available QlikView eTraining Classes

QlikView End User

End Users become Immidiately Productive

End users will learn everything from navigating Access Point, to making selections to sharing bookmarks. It's delivered in small modules which allow users to learn at their own pace, and learn just the things which will make them productive

See Course Contents and More Detsils >>>>

QlikView Set Analysis Training

Kick your QlikView Graph design into high gear with Set Analysis

Learn how to create all types of set analysis. This isn't just a technical lab course, it also goes over ways to integrate the Set Analysis into your Dashboard, and ways to be efficient when creating many types of Set Analysis. This is a full featured course with instructions, excercises and a solution file. Licensed and Personal Edition QlikView is welcome.

QlikView Set Analysis Table of Contents:

Module 1 QlikView Set Analysis Prerequisites

Module 2 QlikView Set Analysis Overview

Module 3 QlikView Set Analysis Setting up Your Environment

Module 3 QlikView Set Analysis Exercises

Module 4 QlikView Set Analysis Getting Started with Set Analysis

Module 4 QlikView Set Analysis Exercises

Module 5 QlikView Set Analysis Breaking down Set Analysis

Module 5 QlikView Set Analysis Exercises

Module 6 QlikView Set Analysis Creating Dynamic Sets

Module 6 QlikView Set Analysis Exercises

Module 7 QlikView Set Analysis Nested Set Analysis

Module 7 QlikView Set Analysis Exercises

Module 8 QlikView Set Analysis Caution about Set Analysis

Module 9 QlikView Set Analysis Solution File

QlikView Developer Training

Load Data and Build Data Models. (2 Day Equivalent)

Learn how to load data from a database (or any other data source) and model the data. This class explores many of the most useful features in QlikView's ETL language. When finished with this course, a QlikView developer will be able to manipulate data and build data models. This is a comprehensive training course for a technical person.

QlikView Set Analysis Table of Contents:

QlikView Developer Course - Download Course Material

Module 1 - QlikView Developer Course - Course Logistics

Module 2 - QlikView Developer Course - QlikView Development Approaches

Module 3 - QlikView Developer Course - The Script Editor

Module 4 - QlikView Developer Course - Writing the First Script

Module 5 - QlikView Developer Course - Starting out with Data and Scripting

Module 6 - QlikView Developer Course - Getting Started with Data and Scripting

Module 7 - QlikView Developer Course - Other Data Sources

Module 8 - QlikView Developer Course - Enhancing the Data Model

Module 9 - QlikView Developer Course - Introduction Day 2

Module 10 - QlikView Developer Course - Managing the Time Dimension

Module 11 - QlikView Developer Course - Dealing with Scripting Challenges

Module 12 - QlikView Developer Course - QlikView Data Files (QVDs)

Module 13 - QlikView Developer Course - Additional Data Modeling Concepts

Module 14 - QlikView Developer Course - Advanced Sheet Objects for Developers

Module 15 - QlikView Developer Course - Performance Tuning

Module 16 - QlikView Developer Course - Summary and Review

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