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Leaders in 'The Self-Service QlikView Enterprise'

  • Training


    Answer Sharks is developing a suite of online eTraining. No more traveling to a training center and spending a dedicated week in a classroom!

  • Dashboards


    We've developed literally thousands of dashboards for clients.

  • Enterprise


    An Enterprise Implementation needs simple processes and tools which allow groups to work together and avoid Silos and performance issues.

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    What happens when you are having issues? Give us a call. We routinely help customers who aren't where they want to be.

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Answer SharksBenefits

  • QlikTech Vendor Experience We have QlikView employees and consultants who have worked as employees of QlikTech (the creators of QlikView) for 8+ years. Many of the best practices which QlikTech follows were developed by these same employees which are now part of the Answer Sharks team.
  • Relevent Education. We have employees with a Ph.D. in Information systems and Masters in Information Systems as well as other related Business Administration &/or Accounting degrees
  • Enterprise Experience. We are based in Silicon Valley and have QlikView customers throughout the US. We have been implementing QlikView at Enterprise Organizations for many years.
  • The Vendor (QlikTech) chooses us. We routinely subcontract to QlikTech (QlikView) for many implementations.
  • When the going gets tough! We routinely subcontract to QlikView partners as well. When the QlikView project is important to get right the first time, the QlikView industry knows to call Answer Sharks.
  • QlikView Training and eTraining We developed the QlikView Training courses from many years experience delivering the actual vendor's (QlikTech's) Classroom Training. We not only used our experience in the field, but we also hired the same Course Writer who wrote the original QlikTech training material! Then, we added years of experience in delivering the QlikView training and acquiring first-hand experience in listening to feedback from students, right on the spot.

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